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Common Errors in RefWorks’ Bibliographies

or. . . why proofreading is essential!

RefWorks can save you a ton of time because it's much faster than a human at creating bibliographies. Unfortunately, though, it's not nearly as smart as a human. So it's up to you to check its work!

Bibliography Example

Kim, D., Fisher, D, & McCalman, D. (2009). Modernism, christianity, and business ethics: A worldview perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 90(1), 115-121. doi:
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What's Wrong?

RefWorks does not recognize proper nouns. This is such a common error that you will probably find at least one when you proofread your own bibliography. Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

Bibliography Example

Andersson, L. M., & Pearson, C. M. (1999). Tit for tat? The spiraling effect of incivility in the workplace. The Academy of Management Review, 24(3), 452-471. Retrieved from
In this article we introduce the concept of workplace incivility and explain how incivility can potentially spiral into increasingly intense aggressive behaviors. To gain an understanding of the mechanisms that underlie an "incivility spiral," we examine what happens at key points: the starting and tipping points. Furthermore, we describe several factors that can facilitate the occurrence and escalation of an incivility spiral and the secondary spirals that can result.

What's Wrong?

This is the abstract from the database. If you are required to annotate your bibliography, you will need to replace this with your own annotation.

Bibliography Example

CHRISTIAN, K., ENGEL, A. M., & SMITH, J. M. (2011). Predictors and outcomes of prolonged ventilation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. American Surgeon, 77(7), 942-947. 
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What's Wrong?

Author's names are in ALL CAPS. Some databases put authors or titles in all caps. You can fix this as you proofread your bibliography. To permanently correct it, edit the record in RefWorks.

Bibliography Example

What's Wrong?

This is an APA-style citation, and “retrieved from” and the accompanying URL aren’t required in APA citations. As stated on the Purdue OWL website: “ information in citations is not necessary because databases change over time.” It's important to know the rules for your particular citation style.

Bibliography Example

What's Wrong?

Do NOT include the table of contents!  This is a book citation exported from WorldCat. Something in the WorldCat export file often causes extra information to show up in your RefWorks bibliography. This is very useful information in WorldCat, but it does not belong in an APA bibliography! If something like this shows up in your bibliography, delete it!


Using RefWorks for References in Grant Applications

Grant writing can be a formidable process. Help with your references, bibliography, and in-text citations is available by using RefWorks. Grant writing deadlines are no respecter of persons so the faster and more accurately you can generate your reference list, the happier you and your chair, dean, and Academic Vice President (AVP) will be.

RefWorks is a web-based bibliography and database manager that allows you to create a database by importing references from text files, the Internet, or online library databases and storing them on the RefWorks servers. These references are then available to you from any Internet connection and you can use them in writing papers and formatting bibliographies.

This powerful resource is accessible to all members of the Gonzaga community free of charge.

By learning more about RefWorks you will be able to use it to your advantage both personally and professionally and may even see departmental and student instruction uses for this tool.

What will RefWorks do for me?

  • Create a full text database of all my research
  • Allow import of citations from other citation management systems, i.e., EndNote and ProCite
  • Organize citations using a folder system (FYI: You may have as many folders as you want and as many items in a folder as you want. This is a very sturdy platform.)
  • Share folders by typing in an email address
  • Quickly format bibliographies choosing from over 2000 citation styles
  • Create a citation style or modify a citation style
  • Offer grant writing deadline anxiety relief
  • Allow multiple RefWorks accounts, so you and a colleague may share an account for a project
  • Using "Quick Search," search almost all citation fields as well as the full text of attachments
  • Search your citations by author and journal
  • Make it possible to tag citations (by adding descriptors) and search your citations in this way, too
  • RefWorks' tool, Write ‘N Cite, will hook to Word documents, including the Professional Studies Doctoral Leadership dissertation template, and facilitate integration of references into the text as well as create a Works Cited page

Contact Information

Grant Writing: Joann Waite: (509) 313-5870, Kathy Hill: (509) 313-6098

RefWorks Quick Reference: Foley Reference Desk: (509) 313-5931, Kelly O'Brien Jenks: (509) 313-3829

RefWorks Training Schedule: Found on the Foley library web page and updated weekly

You may schedule a personal appointment to learn RefWorks by calling Kelly O'Brien Jenks at (509) 313-3829.


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