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It’s almost Halloween, so we thought we’d ask you to write about something scary: your fears and phobias.

Though it is normal to feel fear and stress — and an invaluable survival tool — a phobia, according to The Times’s health guide, is a persistent and irrational fear of a particular type of object, animal, activity, or a situation that poses little to no actual danger. The guide goes on to give this description:

Specific phobias are a type of anxiety disorder in which exposure to the feared stimulus may provoke extreme anxiety or a panic attack. Specific phobias are among the most common of all psychiatric disorders, affecting up to 10 percent of the population.

Common phobias include the fear of:

  • Blood, injections, and other medical procedures
  • Certain animals (for instance, dogs or snakes)
  • Enclosed spaces
  • Flying
  • High places
  • Insects or spiders
  • Lightning

Students: Tell us about what you’re afraid of, and why. How do you deal with your fears? How do they affect your life? Are you the kind of person who enjoys horror stories and movies or scaring yourself in other ways? Why or why not?

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Phobias Essay

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Everyone knows that everyone is afraid of something. Everyone recognizes that phobias are not something to be ashamed of, and that everyone has at least one. But what exactly is a phobia? Simply put, it’s an anxiety disorder.

     The exact definition of a phobia is a bit different though. A phobia is an anxiety disorder in which a person will experience a strong, irrational fear of a situation, object, or activity. Adults with fears usually realize they are being irrational, but children are the opposite. A phobia will produce a feeling of anxiety that will range anywhere from mild, to downright severe. People with mild symptoms don’t usually worry about it too much because it doesn’t interfere with their day to…show more content…

In agoraphobia, it is very common for the individual to have panic disorders. Its also been speculated that agoraphobia may be something that tends to run in the family. Studies show that over half of the patients with agoraphobia have had someone else in their family with it too.

     When it comes to Social phobia, a lot of experts think it has a direct link to alcoholism. Individuals who have social phobia, often deal with a lot of stress. These high stress factors are said to create an increased risk for abusing alcohol. People with social phobia often become depressed and sometimes lose a lot of self esteem. These are both factors that alcohol plays off of, so it is highly recommended that people with social phobia don’t drink alcohol.

People with specific phobias usually get them from a frightening experience or witnessing a traumatic event. This is the reason that it is normally found in children, because a child is much more easily frightened by littler things than an adult. Another reason why some people will develop specific phobias is that they may have been exposed to too much information about something, or too many warning about something.

     The symptoms of a phobia (any kind) are all relatively the same. When exposed to what frightens the person, the person will go into a panic attack like state. There are many things that can occur during a

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