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Promoted by Iris Business Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, a firm founded by three partners, Myiris provides financial database, news and technology services to firms in the financial market in India and abroad. It updates around 120 news stories every day, sourced from companies and exchanges. The team size of the site is about 150, including 15 members dedicated to news and research.

Personal finance tools

Apart from sections on loans, insurance, stocks, mutual funds and portfolio trackers, the site boasts of real-time information on stocks and mutual funds. Other personal finance areas such as taxation and insurance, however, are not covered as comprehensively. For instance, the tax corner simply provides the latest news on taxes, links to websites that give the Permanent Account Number, and a few tax-related forms that can be downloaded.

Portfolio tracker

You may have to wait for some time before you can actually use the wealth tracker of the site. Unlike other portals, you can’t choose the password, but have to wait for it to be emailed to you. Its portfolio tracker, however, uploads a wide range of reports and alerts. But the scope is limited only to shares and mutual funds. It does not keep track of your other investments, such as insurance policies and property investments. You can monitor cash movements within your portfolio and keep track of the balance. The tracker also keeps a check on the minimum balance you need for a particular transaction.

Apply online

The site does not facilitate online investing except for clients of HDFC Securities Ltd and Loan applications for select organizations, such as ABN Amro, Citibank, Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Primus Ltd and Sundaram Auto Finance Ltd can be made through this website. After filling the application, a representative from the bank or organization will get in touch with you regarding the loan/card request.

Learning tools

There are several in-depth articles on stocks and mutual funds. But without any calculators to help you decide the money you need to set aside to meet your financial goals, much of the portal’s advantages are nullified.

Quality of research

The news content on the site is very helpful for research. The website is largely focused on news-oriented articles and provides research reports from a few brokerage houses and from the companies’ in-house analysis of quarterly results.

The portal also includes interviews with chief executive officers (CEOs) and fund managers, thus providing insights into their investing strategies.

Promoted by Quantum Information Services Pvt. Ltd, a company which also runs, a website dedicated to stock markets, currently has a team of 110, including 16 in research. The portal has an offline presence in nine cities, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune. You can get free advice on financial planning from the portal, provided you make your investments through it.

Personal finance tools

Besides calculators for planning insurance and retirement needs, the easy-to-navigate site also has a calculator that helps you decide the funds you would need to marry your children in future, determine human life value (HLV), or get an estimate of the monetary values of all future needs of your family. For investors who only dream of turning crorepatis, the site also has a calculator to do the number crunching.

The most interesting and investor-friendly tool is the quick calculator that helps you quantify the loss from churning your investments from one fund to another. The expense ratio calculator shows the impact of entry and exit load on the overall returns in the long term. The asset allocator is designed to guide you on the assets you should invest in, according to your risk profile.

Portfolio tracker

In addition to portfolio tracking, the portal also has a net worth tracker for your assets and liabilities, cash flow and the value of your investments. For this, you need to pay an annual fee of Rs330. The balance sheet helps you track your net worth at present and at a future date. Besides, it has a fund selection advisory, stock select weekly and research reports. All these services are not free. You can, however, use the Portfolio Tracker and MyPlanner for free if you invest in mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposits, bonds or government savings (minimum investment: Rs25,000; for life insurance, there is no minimum amount as it is a regular premium policy) through the site.

Invest online

To get your investments done through the site, you need to drop a mail at and the company will contact you.

Learning tools

The portal claims to have 0.16 million registered users for its monthly personal finance magazine called Money Simplified, which can be downloaded for free. It also has FAQs and tutorials on many topics.

Quality of research

Unlike many other such sites, the portal has straightforward reviews on mutual fund products that can really help visitors make smart investment decisions. Besides, the site is updated every day with articles and information on financial planning.

Packed with real-time data of share prices, net asset value (NAV) of mutual funds, expert views and commentary, and an interactive chat platform, is one of the most comprehensive websites in India. Its parentage—Television Eighteen India Ltd, which also owns business channels such as CNBC and CNBC Awaaz—adds value to the content. Moneycontrol also gives access to other parallel websites, such as, which caters exclusively to stock market investors, and, which is about NAVs of mutual funds and their portfolios. The site also gives you a chance to participate in investor programmes, such as moneybhai investor, take part in a simulated stock portfolio game, or compete for its “best investor of the year” award.

Personal finance tools

The site covers most aspects of personal finance, such as taxation, investing and saving, but its focus is more towards stock and mutual fund investing. A personal finance section covers taxation, loans, insurance, property and other topics.

The property section allows you to search for realty across cities and the interactive chat platform provides answers to property related queries. It also has financial calculators, such as retirement planner, risk analyser, cost of living, current expenses and Mediclaim premium, which help you work out your annual savings. Importantly, the site offers free service. However, for comprehensive coverage on financial planning and to customize their services, the company is planning to offer fee-based services as well very soon, says Vidya Kumaraswamy, editor of Moneycontrol.

Portfolio tracker

Registered users can access this tool to manage their portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, unit-linked plans of insurance companies and gold investments. Once you have entered your list of investments, the tracker shows their value on a real-time basis.

Invest online

For now, you can make an online investment only in ICICI Prudential’s mutual fund schemes through this site. A good information-driven website, it provides no offline services to help you in investing online. Besides, you can file your income-tax return online or have it picked up from home for a basic Rs99 package.

Learning tools

The site has an interesting ‘investment IQ test’ on the planning tools page. It asks you 20 questions to evaluate whether you should manage your investments yourself or approach a financial planner.

Quality of research

With strong content support from CNBC and plenty of experts on its panel, it has a strong news and research base. Besides, it has detailed comparative charts, measured on different parameters, for your loans, insurance, mutual funds and all other kinds of queries.

Forbes magazine recently recommended as one of the best in Asia. Since the site is owned by India Infoline Ltd, a broking house with presence across 330 cities and towns, it is more focused on stocks and mutual fund related information. For now, much of the space on the home page is occupied by the stock ticker. With news updates from its team of 10 reporters and a 12-member research team, the site also displays breaking news from newspapers and wires.

Personal finance tools

Other than providing tax-related information, the portal also caters to various investment products, such as stocks, mutual funds, insurance and loans. Its coverage of the stock market includes industry-wise reports and data, initial public offerings (IPOs), financial data of stocks, macroeconomic news which affects stock markets, and even commodities.

The insurance and loan section of the portal is very easy to navigate as the content is segregated into different insurance policies and loans. It recommends insurance schemes, but doesn’t compare their features with other products.

Interestingly, the site also has a section for business management where visitors can go through outsourced articles on management and marketing from experts.

Portfolio tracker

As with other portals, the free portfolio tracker of the site keeps tabs on all your investments, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, fixed deposit, cash and other assets. It keeps you updated on your cost of acquisition, current valuation, and gain or loss on a real-time basis.

Apply online

You can invest online in any IPO and mutual fund only through Indiainfoline’s other website, It also contains recommendation reports on IPOs.

Learning tools

There are no comprehensive calculators for planning taxes, insurance or asset allocation. But the existing calculators include a compounding tool, a current expenses calculator, an equated monthly instalments (EMI) calculator and a volatility calculator, which helps calculate the volatility of the option (a derivative instrument) of a stock.

Quality of research

Besides news and interviews, the portal also regularly uploads write-ups from experts. But the content isn’t thoroughly researched or analysed to help readers decide on a particular investment. The market map, which gives a real-time view of the stocks gainers and losers in Sensex and Nifty, is an interesting feature of the site.

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January 6, 2014 - 

EyeLock has announced a strategic partnership with VOXX Electronics to launch myiris, a USB-enabled iris identity authentication device.

Shown off at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this week, myiris is a small circular USB peripheral that works by converting users’ iris patterns to a code unique for authentication. Specifically, the device uses EyeLock’s video based iris authentication technology and stores dual-iris patterns for up to five users.

“Fraud and identity theft cost businesses and consumers millions every year. Companies large and small have struggled to provide a level of security that protects against this,” Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics said. “With myris, any business regardless of size can protect itself from fraud and any consumer can protect the thing that is most important, their personal information and their identity.”

“Eyelock is the only iris authentication technology to employ fast motion video and dual eye authentication, allowing us to provide a more seamless, simple and user-friendly experience, with unparalleled levels of security,” Jim Demitrieus, CEO of EyeLock said. “Partnering with VOXX Electronics guarantees our technology will reach the broadest possible audience and propel digital security into the next era.”

The company also recently launched an iris recognition SDK.

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