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Value based education need of the hour

  - February 4th, 2008 by Shalini Nambiar | Posted in General   9 Comments »

Looking at the present growth of civilization, it seems that society has failed somewhere in imparting non-formal and formal education to its masses. We might have developed materially but not mentally. Mental development about life, death, happiness, sorrow, moral and our usefulness to society is lacking in the people. There is a great need to equip present education being imparted to children with values of life in order to make them good human beings. With the changing mindset of humanity towards materialistic approach at the cost of others is posing a great concern for the survival of civilization in the times to come. The present education system has groomed people for a legendary appetite for need-based knowledge and tuned us to feast on success. Today’s education only plunges people enthusiastically into actions to create an image larger that the life. Emphasis on materialistic value presents a distorted face of capitalism.. Society is witnessing a loss of moral compass along with symptoms like growing cynicism, hatred ness towards others, moral decline in private and public life, increased isolation, increase of violence, greed, racism and many more.

Education without values is not beneficial to anyone. Education devoid of values may be detrimental to society in the long run. Values bring quality and meaning to life and give a person his identity and character. Children imbibe values all the time from their parents, teachers and peers. But it is also necessary that we deliberately teach them the right values right from their childhood. What they learn at this tender age stays with them all through their life. Hence importance should be given to imparting a value-based spiritual education.

In ancient times, students were taught what life was really about. They were taught how to live their lives and to conduct themselves in the world. They developed strong minds and could easily withstand hardships or face any obstacles. They were dedicated to truth and were not afraid of death.

Over the years, researches have indicated that teachers’ attitudes and interactions in the classroom make difference in student’s learning of values. Mutual respect, appreciation, kindness, courtesy contribute to positive classroom climate. The most effective teachers are the ones who model the values they want their students to learn. Modeling is a powerful learning medium because it can either reinforce or negate what is learned through the formal curriculum. Students will learn the values if teachers model these value themselves. Modeling of desirable values by the teacher therefore is considered to be an essential pre-requisite

Good teaching of a subject implies teaching the subject in such a way that the students gain insight into the nature of the subject, its logical structure, its methods and also exemplify the attitudes and values associated with that particular subject. Presenting the lessons from a humanistic and positive perspective is important.. Strategies like questions, stories, anecdotes, games, experiments discussions, dialogues, value clarification, examples, analogies, metaphors, role play, simulation are helpful in promoting values during teaching �learning.

Planning pedagogical aspects of value education requires professional development of teachers, and their training and planning at both the school and teacher training level. It may not be so difficult but it definitely involves conscious planning. It may come with orientation, practice and continued focus. A system of education where teaching is restricted to instruction and learning to pass the examination will not deter the committed and inspiring teachers and school personnel to march ahead with force and enthusiasm to implement this important curriculum intervention for the cause of value oriented education.

Shalini Nambiar
Excelsior American School Gurgaon

February 04 2008 08:03 pm | General

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