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Communism Vs Democracy Essay

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People all over the world look to the United States for the latest trends, fashions, and technology. The United States have set all these standards during the majority of the last century, by being a government that represents freedom. All over the world people who were trapped in Communist governments hope that one day they too can be as fortunate as the people living in America; to them this freedom is part of their American Dream.

The world during most of this and last century was ruled by two different political viewpoints. These points were portrayed in two different forms of government. Today, democratic governments are taking over most other forms of government. It is a race of countries and nations, trying to gain an edge onto each other.

Communism is a system that follows the roots of Marxism. It unites the people into one class and call for industrial power. All the people work, the people are all at the same social level. It creates a false sense of unity. Most of these communist governments are dictatorships; the government oppresses all opposing views. Communist polices deny people their basic rights and freedom. The people cannot even own their own private property. The methods of Communism have been varied slightly by each different government. Stalin and Lenin were the driving forces behind Russia's Socialist Workers party. Fidel Castro ran the party in Cuba. Mao Tung ran the Chinese Workers party.

Democratic governments support basic rights and freedoms. People in the United States can participate in government activities by voting and opposing their views. People are protected under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These documents lay down the blueprint for freedom. As a man, women, or child, you are affected by these important documents they guarantee your basic rights like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and economic freedom. Lincoln best put it in his Gettysburg address stating, ' A government of the people, by the people, for the people'. People can control and sway political parties by placing their vote to make a difference. It is based on the concept of one man, one vote. In theses democratic parties, there is a distinct difference of social classes. People of power commending prestige and money. Others not so fortunate live off of welfare.

The USA has been the status quo of places to live for a number of reasons. Everybody has his or her own reasons to appreciate the freedom that we have. We as the people have the power to change, impeach, and lobby for what we believe in. A democracy is a form of government in which...

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Communism Vs Democracy

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Communism is an original system of society, quite different from Democracy in many ways. While total democracy is not widely spread, many forms of it are prosperous throughout the world today.

One of the first and major differences between a Communist and Democratic government is their contrary economic systems. In a communist government, the community owns the major resources and means of production. The goal of such a system is to prevent any one person or group of people from becoming radically rich, while others are extremely poor. The system attempts to eliminate lower class by balancing the wealth between rich and poor, therefore giving everyone equal pay and ownership. Unfortunately, this results in an increased lower class. However, in a Democracy, free enterprising is permitted, and smiled upon. ? Here, free enterprising helps the economy to flourish. People can organize their own businesses and receive their own profits if it succeeds, or debts if it fails. In this system, the harder a person works, the more money they receive, allowing them to ‘make ends meet.’ The downside to democracy is that people can get a high paying job through education, but may work just as hard at a lower paying job and receive less money. As Winston Churchill once said, "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Generally, Democracy’s seem be more successful economically.

In a democracy, money is the most dominant incentive. On the contrary, in a communist government, a person can work a million times harder than the person sitting next to him, and receive equal pay. This results in no incentive on the part of the worker whatsoever. When there is nothing to achieve by working harder, people become slothful, which does little good for a country’s economy. In most attempts, past and present, communism has failed economically, whereas democracies have a commendable success rate.

Communism is most widely taken up by Third World countries striving for national independence and sudden social change (Russia, Cuba, and Northern Korea). Forms of democracy however, are usually exercised by countries, which have a long-range goal to succeed, or improve economically (Britain, U.S.A.). Most widely first heard of through Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, communism hasn’t been around nearly as long as democracy, which is first known to have existed in the city-states of ancient Greece and Rome.

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In theory, everyone is equal in a communist government, however this is not true in many aspects. When only one person controls a communist government, it’s not far off from totalitarianism, as that one voice is the only one that really matters. In a democracy, however, every citizen has an equal say in government. Suffrage rights apply to men and women alike, regardless of race, past education, heritage, etc. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, every citizen could vote individually at an assembly, with a vote from a farmer counting as much as a vote from an artist.

As you can see, Communist and Democratic forms of government are very contrary to each other. As they both have benefits and disadvantages, people continuously argue over the superior choice, despite history.


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