Exp 105 Week 4 Assignment Example

Kyle Jones EXP 105 Essay In week one, part of the assignment was to define learning in my own words. My thought at the time was, learning “means more than just reading a book or taking a test, it’s the experience you gain out of each lesson or event”. Although I don’t think I was too far off with my definition, however after taking this class, my views has changed in many ways. Learning has taken on a new meaning for me, learning is still an experience, only it is a combination of five experiences. Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch all play an equal part on the way you learn and take in the world around you. Learning is taking what you’re experiencing and making sense of it, as well as having the ability to respond to it appropriately. After receiving the results from the Learning Connections Inventory assessment in week one, I learned that there are terms and categories for the way you take in information and process it. Precision (28), Technical Reasoning (26), Sequence (22) and Confluence (21) are my scores and the four patterns we use to learn. I use precision and technical reasoning skills primarily before I use sequence and confluence. Precision is my ability to be detailed oriented and ask the

EXP 105: WEEK 4PERSONAL STRATEGY CARDJAMES ACEVEDO Sequence (31)Precision (32)Technical Reasoning (30)Confuence (21)Sequence- I like to have my day planned out so I will be doing; everything has to be in order. When I start something I have to see it through to the end. When I make a list oF things to get done For the day, I love to scratch them all o± when completed. I’m a very organized person were I thrive to have everything detailed and organized. I like to prac²ce doing the same thing over and over again so I can ³gure and understand assignments.Precision- I always need as much inForma²on as I can beFore I start a project. I need very detailed and thoroughly resources when given an assignment. This causes me to ask a lot oF ques²ons when I’m not sure what expected out oF me. I always take notes at work so I know what I’m doing. When other people know things I don’t know, it make me Feel I’m not good enough. I always like to be correct so having all proper inForma²on is a great help.


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