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50 Great 8tracks playlists for Different Activities  Recommended

Music has been a big part of everyone's life. Without music, the world will be significantly different in a negative way. It can fuel one's creativity and mind. It also makes things more fun and exciting. In every activity we do in life, music can be a big part, so here are some great recommended playlists on 8tracks to listen to while you are studying, working out, happy, feeling funny, and if you just want to listen to the most popular songs today.

Part 1: Top 10 Study Playlists

Are you preparing for an exam or doing a paper that's due soon? Then try listening to music to help you concentrate. It might be more pleasing to study with great artists keeping you company, and many studies have shown that listening to music fuels different parts of the brain. Below are the recommended 8trackt playlist to listen to while you're studying.

Part 2: Top 10 Workout Playlists

Listening to music while working out is not really a new thing. Studies show that listening to music distracts athletes from feeling the pain or fatigue from working out. And a recent research finds that not only listening, but controlling and making music in step to one's step had an even deeper effect working out. Below are the top 10 playlists on 8tracks that you should listen to when working out.

Part 3: Top 10 Popular Playlists

Here we gathered the most popular playlists in 8tracks today. Below you will see the playlists that have most likes and plays in the site.

Part 4: Top 10 Happy Playlists

It's a known fact that listening to music alone can make you feel good, but what if you are already happy and you want to feel happier with music? Below are the top 10 playlists best to listen to when you are at your best or if you feel down and want to cheer yourself up.

Part 5: Top 10 Funny Playlists

If you are bored or in a bad mood and want to turn that mood into a positive one, then listening to top 10 funny playlists on 8track is one of the best things to do. Songs in these mixes may not even make a whole lot of sense when you listen to it first, but eventually, it turns to be a song you will always remember.

1. Beautiful Covers and Acoustic

This is playlist contains 37 songs of breathtaking beautiful songs covered by great artists that are perfect to listen to while studying or simply thinking and relaxing in your bed.

2. Concentration

This mix contains 19 beautiful piano covers to help you concentrate when you're studying or working and need to motivate to do the job well. So to be able to help you focus and concentrate with your frustrating activities, consider listening to this playlist.

3. Acoustic Soul

This 8tracks mix contains 18 tracks that run for 1 hour and 4 minutes, enough time to finish a shows essay for your homework due on Monday. Songs listed here are the acoustic version of most popular songs today to help you relax your mind while studying.

4. Beauty of Instrumentals

This mix contains 27 tracks that will surely help you stimulate you mind when you are cramming for exam the next day. Listen to great instrumental covers while reviewing to help you get good grades!

5. Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat.

This is a collection of beautiful song, which mostly are piano covers that are best to listen to if you want to concentrate and focus on something. This will help you refresh your mind while studying at home or simply relaxing after a long day of work.

6. studying aka pre-med lyfe

This is a mix created by a pre-med student from University of California in Los Angeles to help her focus while studying on her subjects. And she made a brilliant decision of sharing it on 8tracks! This playlist consists of 25 instrumental cover tracks that are purely beautiful in the ears.

7. stop worrying so much

This beautiful mix have 24 songs to help you forget everything that making you anxious and you can concentrate on studying or if you just want to unwind and forget all the worries this world gives you.

8. Get You Through Finals

As the title suggests, this mix of 39 beautiful song covers can help you keep on track when studying for your finals. Nothing's better than studying while hearing some of these works of art and for a while, make you feel like there's no problem in the world.

9. Study Love You

This mix of 15 songs will help you keep motivated while you are studying, reading book, or just relaxing drinking hot tea or coffee. Try to listen to this beautiful playlist and let it take you to a different world filled with love and positivity.

10. Instrumental

This is a playlist of 15 beautiful instrumental covers that will keep you calm from the pressure school exam gives us. This is just exactly what you need whenever you feel stressed because of long and tiring day of work or school.

1. Summer Fitness Motivation

This playlist is perfect mix to listen to when you hit the gym. It will keep you motivated to jam with the music while moving your body for your summer workout.

2. Just do it.

This playlist is perfect to motivate you to start or keep on going, best when you are jogging around the town or in the treadmill. It contains 12 songs that go for 42 minutes, just perfect time period to run every day.

3. Run to the beat

This playlist consists of 13 tracks to encourage you on your journey to fitness. And as the description says, this is the music to run to that will get you pumped up. So take your workout experience to the next level and listen to this playlist on 8tracks while you are doing your workout routine.

4. Heavy reps heavy beats.

This playlist is dedicated for heavy lifters. This contains 22 songs that will motivate to keep on going with your fitness journey. So if you want to get inspired and enjoy your workout even more, you better listen to this mix.

5. run it out

This playlist contain 21 songs that will help you forget the exertion you make when working out. Listening to this playlist will make you want to run more and more. This is perfect for those who are just starting to get fit, so add this as one of your motivations to carry on.

6. Time 2 Train

This is a playlist of 16 tracks that are ideal for people working out in the gym. It will keep you distracted from the pain and tiredness you are feeling while pumping out. These are perfect songs to go get you "in the zone".

7. workout.

This mix consists of 9 tracks that will motivate you to work harder to be fit. Even its artwork says "Just do it. Even you suck" to motivate you to carry on no matter what obstacles you will face along the way.

8. summer workout

This is perfect for those who want to get fit this summer. With its 14 tracks you will be motivated not to stop what you have started and will make you want to be more confident wearing your summer attire at the beach!

9. Sickness mode workout!

This playlist consists of 21 songs that will make you don't want to stop working out. The rhythm of the songs in this mix will stimulate the motor area of your brain as you work out your body, thus helping your self-paced exercises like running or weight-lifting significantly.

10. Sunday Runday

This playlist made it to the list of top 10 recommended playlists for working out because of the great songs included in this mix. In its description it says "Remember no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch." which is true and accurate.

1. Good Morning Sunshine

With 1.2 million plays and counting, this playlist is one of the mostly played mixes in 8tracks. As the title suggests, this playlist is best to listen to when you wake up in the morning. Nothing's better than starting the day with warm tea or coffee and dancing the morning away.

2. Party Party Party

This mix is for those who like to listen to dance, electro, house, dubstep, and other party music. Best played when partying with friends!

3. early summer 2

Summer has just started and that's why more and more people starting to sing summer song. Go party with this beautiful playlist!

4. Mashups 3.0

This one is for those who love partying with mash up songs. This is a compilation of 9 songs that will make you want to dance while listening to it.

5. The Sound of Summer

This playlist will let you hear the real feel of summer. Best to listen while lying down on the sand of the beach and watch everyone is partying under the sun.

6. spring break

With 14 tracks in it, this playlist is another mix for people who like party music. When you listen to this, it will make you want to stand up from your seat and just dance all day long to it.

7. Numb

This playlist is a mix of old and new nice music to chill out to. This mix of 15 songs in different genre is best to listen with friends having some drinks and spending that quality time.

8. Dat New $hit

This playlist is a mix of modern hip-hop, rap, and chill music. This playlist contains 21 tracks, which will make you feel relaxed and partied all out.

9. Sunny Days Are Here Again

This playlist consist of 24 tracks of different genre such as indie, pop, and electro. This is perfect for long road trips or long travels out of town.

10. 3:24am tunes

This playlist is perfect for lazy days or rainy days. Best music to cuddle to with your special someone. Or even if you are alone in your bed, just want to relax with a nice book and a hot cup of coffee.

1. Summer 2k14

This playlist have 10 songs that can divert any emotion to happiness. Go on the beach with your bestfriend and blast this music on your audio player and make it the best summer of your life.

2. Rise and shine

Start your day with a smile with this playing in the room when you wake up. This mix with 33 tracks will make you want to get up the bed and spend every moment making it the best as you can.

3. boom clap

This playlist of 8 tracks can turn blue days into happiness. Listen to this and forget all the worries you have for a moment and take time to only think about happy thoughts.

4. Sunshine Country

For those who are into country music, there is a playlist for you. Well, even for those who are not really into it but want to get rid of the gray skies above them, this is a nice playlist to listen to.

5. good morning sunshine

Start your morning with a smile while this playlist of 16 tracks playing in the background. Cook your breakfast while listening to this beautiful mix to make it more fun and delicious!

6. mashed up memories

Play this playlist in a party and turns everyone's mood into something more fun! Listening to this mix of 22 songs can energize you to be just happy and enjoy every second relishing each song included in this playlist.


Just like the description says, "perfect for getting ready for a day at the beach, parties on the sand, or windy car rides when everything feels alright" this is perfect to make your summer getaway more fun and exciting!

8. you'll make dust from gold

This is another playlist best to listen to in the morning. This playlist that have 22 songs can surely make you feel like there's nothing wrong with the world and just put sunshine on you to start the day perfectly.

9. be happy

"These songs make me happy to be alive. They make me want to take a really long road trip with the windows down and the music blasting." That's what the uploader says she feels whenever she listens to these songs in her playlist.

10. Good Feelings

If you want your heart to be touched, then listened to this beautiful playlist consists of 12 heartwarming songs that will surely make you feel good in the inside.

1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a big virtual community mostly consists of teen and young adults that share both the same and different interests. Aside from being the simplest way to blog, this site is known to be a good place to have a good laugh; this playlist consists of 14 funny songs that became popular in Tumblr.

2. Dancing like an idiot.3

This playlist consists of 12 old songs that are perfect for 80's themed parties. This mix is best if you want to dance like crazy without caring about anything around you.

3. Feelin' Silly

If you want to give yourself a little good laugh, then this playlist is for you. It's best to listen with some good friend and laugh together.

4. Youtube made my day

The description says, "Best and worst songs that internet ever made." Well, whether songs in this playlist are the best or worst, one this is for sure, it will make you giggle and going to make your day.

5. Lol

This playlist of 10 songs will make your tummy hurts laughing. So if you want to put a little laugh in your day, listen to this on 8tracks.

6. Ha ha ha ha

This playlist consists of 14 funny tracks with hilarious lyrics that will make you laugh genuinely. It's best to listen after a long day of tiring work or school, this playlist will give you good reasons to laugh.

7. Funny!!

This is a compilation of 8 funny audios that will make you smile and bring joy to your heart and will make you feel that everything is rainbows and butterflies!

8. and now for something completely different

This playlist contains twelve tracks that have the power to produce laughter (or at least a small giggle) including music by Binder & Kriegelstein, Devendra Banhart, and Kaizers Orchestra.

9. A Laugh is a Smile that Bursts

This playlist consists of songs to make you laugh! Fourteen tracks including music by Chef, Tenacious D, and Flight of the Conchords.

10. I hate myself

This playlist consists of songs to make you laugh! Fourteen tracks including music by Chef, Tenacious D, and Flight of the Conchords.

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