Untouchability Short Essay Rubric

Before independence of India, there were British who ruled the country. There were many problems which people had to face at that time. Women had no preference at all for any task. In such situation, even the Indians were not united. There was caste based discrimination amongst people. Lower caste people had to face various problems as they were known as untouchables just because of their caste. In this article, you will get to know about Untouchability, who were untouchables and how they got justice. This article will help you to give a speech or write an essay in competitions held in your school or college.

Beginning of speech

Hello everyone, honourable chief guest, respected principal, professors, and dear friends, as we all know before independence people had many difficulties in survival. Untouchability was one of those. I am here to deliver you the speech on Untouchability. I will start my speech now.


In India, people are categorized with different religions and castes. In previous days, before independence, there was “Varna” system which had 4 varnas. Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas, and Kshudras were the 4 Varnas. Brahmins were priests or teachers by profession, Kshatriyas used to be warriors or soldiers, Vaishyas were merchants and traders whereas Kshudras used to do laboring. Apart from these four Varnas, there were people who were born in a caste or class of people who were known as “Dalits”. Dalits had no categorization among these four varnas. People from this caste were discriminated by higher caste people. They were known as “Untouchables”. Untouchability as the word states was having meaning not to touch a particular person from that caste. Untouchables had no right to behave like other people did. They were not allowed to touch things, drink water from the tanks of town, they were not allowed to go at Hindu temples, they were prohibited from marrying member from another caste.

In schools, students from Dalit category were not allowed to sit with other students, they had to bring their own gunny sack from houses for sitting. Teachers did not treat and help these students equally. These students always received less attention from teachers. At restaurants, there was separate sitting area and utensils for these people. At village tea stalls, shopkeeper used separate cups to serve tea for them. It was meant that even the shadow of untouchables was impure, people from other 4 Varnas used to take bath if they had a shadow of any untouchable on them. These people were the social boycott, there was a brush tied to their feet for cleaning their footprints on roads. Separate glasses were kept for them for drinking water. They were not allowed to drink water from social storages of water. Students were not allowed to drink water from the glasses kept in school, someone from higher caste used to pour water from height for untouchable students.

In such discriminating situation, one legend stood up in favor of these Untouchables. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar belonged to Dalits. He was talented and courageous. He got admission into school and colleges because of his talent. He obtained higher degrees and became first Indian to achieve such higher degrees. Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar struggled a lot because of his caste and he decided to abolish this discrimination and fight against untouchability. In the Indian constitution, it was decided and written that people who will segregate someone on the basis of their caste, will be punished. According to the constitution, it was a crime to discriminate Dalits.

The devil of untouchability was a curse to Indian society. After the constitution was written this devil started fading slowly. From previous few years after the independence of India, Government has started giving facilities and reservations for such backward class people for uplifting and encouraging them. There are special quotas at schools, colleges and even in the jobs for these people. However, after 70 years of independence, this discrimination and segregation of Dalits or backward class people are seen yet. Today also in some villages or even in urban areas, people have not accepted the equality of humans. Still, there is a superiority and inferiority amongst people on the basis of their caste.

The youth and upcoming generations are not discriminating people on the basis of caste, they are not giving more concern to caste and religions. Instead, today’s generation has accepted that every person is a human and there is no categorization because of caste.  It is a positive change in the generation which is abolishing the segregation of untouchables.


People are born as humans and every human has equal rights of humanity. There should not be any kind of discrimination of people based on anything especially their caste. People today should accept this fact and treat everyone equally. Caste and class are only documentaries nobody is superior or inferior because of it.

Ending of speech

In today’s era, people should not be concerned on the categorization of castes and classes. Everyone here is at an equal level, it is the personal perspective of a person that how to get superior with own skills and talent. I would like to end my speech here. Thank you, everyone, for paying attention and listening to me.

Tips for Speech on Untouchability

  1. Be loud and clear while speaking.
  2. Do not mug up the script, try speaking your own thoughts about the topic.
  3. Read about your topic first and write down the key points. Speak on those points by your heart.
  4. Build your confidence by speaking the speech in front of your parents, siblings or friends.
  5. Try improving your expressions and gestures by practicing in front of the mirror.

Tips for Essay on Untouchability

  1. Make your essay interesting and understandable by writing it into logical parts such as introduction, main concept, and conclusion.
  2. The essay can be written in story format also.
  3. Try explaining your topic in simple language.

Tips for Paragraph on Untouchability

  1. In paragraph writing, it is expected that the topic should be elaborated clearly and in fewer words.
  2. The paragraph is same as Essay only the length of words is less.
  3. Explain your topic in a paragraph and give ideas about the key points of the topic.

This is our honest attempt to spread information. If you find it helpful and like the article then please let us know in the comments below. We love to receive your response. 🙂

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