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As this assignment winds down, I have to say I’m a bit surprised at how few unexpected moments there are between humans. There are many photographs I like, but most of them concern subjects other than people. There are wonderful close-ups, interactions between animals, pleasing landscapes, people as objects within nice frames, travel photographs taken on the go, and even some excellent underwater photographs. But there are very few photographs that I can look into and see what the people are thinking and feeling inside an unexpected situation.

So, I hope this helps. My partner Melissa and I have been teaching the Missouri Photo Workshop for the last 20 years and that workshop is built around helping photographers make intimate photographs between humans. Here are ten rules/observations that have come out over the years.

1. Even though it is easier to ask someone to perform an action that you just saw them do, nothing ever happens the same way twice. Just be faster next time. Nothing you can dream up for them is as interesting as what they will do in front of you if left alone.

2. When you spend time in someone’s life you can’t be present if you are planning the next photograph you want them in. Sit quietly, listen, and slow down.

3. As strange as this sounds, photographers have to defy social norms. After a person or group of people have accepted you into their lives you have to be clear that you are not “the guest.” You need to stay when the social norms would dictate that you have to leave.

4. Your subject does not know what a photographer does. You have to show them what that is WITH confidence.

5. At the same time, your intuition has to constantly monitor if you’ve gone too far and when it’s time to back off and give your subject space.

6. Every human interaction is a chemical equation. Choose your subject carefully. Is this someone you will be comfortable with for a week, a month, a year? I’m surprised at how few photographs of the humans closest to you are included in this assignment. There are very few families, wives, husbands, etc.

7. Sometimes the chemical equation is just not right. It’s surprising how rarely it actually is and it’s as important to know when to leave a story as it is to know when to stay.

8. It’s THEIR story, THEIR photograph. You are the interpreter. It’s not about your preconceptions. Let it flow from them instead of orchestrating it yourself.

9. If it isn’t your family or people who know you well, establish a level of confidence by being as honest about yourself as you expect them to be with you.

10. Once trust is established, quit engaging so much. My greatest skill as a photographer is the ability to bore people to death so they go about the daily business of their lives.

This is not only applicable to this assignment, but any time your photographing people. Good luck as you approach the last day of the assignment! I’ve posted three more photographs from my archive of unexpected moments between humans (and animals). 


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