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Can I participate in Career Prep if I’m not in DC?
Yes, we have participants from 80+ colleges and universities across the country. The majority of the program is conducted virtually, including monthly e-assignments and follow-up coach calls. Attendance at four weekend seminars, however, is required.

Can I participate in Career Prep if I am studying abroad during a portion of the program?
Candidates applying to Career Prep are encouraged to avoid studying abroad during their junior year of college.  All Career Prep in-person seminars are mandatory and the first September seminar is critical to the program experience. Applicants missing more than one seminar are considered ineligible to participate in the program. Fellows studying abroad due receive some assistance to fly back for seminars.

What makes a strong application for Career Prep?
In addition to fulfilling the eligibility requirements and application checklist, strong applications demonstrate that a candidate has leadership experience and potential, career goals that fit well with the program, goal orientation, “scrappiness” and potential for active participation in Career Prep. Please visit our blog post on “How to Create a Winning Application.”

Will a below average undergraduate record affect my application to Career Prep?
To be considered, students must be in good academic standing. The average GPA of Career Prep Fellows is 3.5/4.0. Candidates with a GPA significantly below (< 3.2) the program average are encouraged to address their academic history in the optional essay.

Can I participate although I am not a US Citizen?
All participants must be US citizens or permanent legal residents (DACA participants are eligible).

Can I participate even though I am not of African American, Hispanic or Native American descent?
MLT’s mission is to equip and empower African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native American women and men to realize their full potential and achieve outsized impact as senior leaders who transform organizations, communities and society.  Eligible candidates to Career Prep must identify ethnically and racially as African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic or Native American

Do I need to be a business major in order to apply to Career Prep?
No. The program is open to all majors including STEM and Computer Science. An applicant’s major does not determine eligibility rather; MLT looks at how well an applicant’s career goals align with Career Prep’s programming. High potential students from all disciplines and interests are encouraged to apply.

Can I apply to Career Prep if I am in a 5-year program of study?
Yes.  Students in a 5-year program should apply to the Career Prep program during their junior year of school. Review the eligibility requirements to ensure you will complete undergrad and your additional schooling within the required timeframe.

What are the reasons an eligible candidate may not be accepted to the Career Prep program?
A candidate may not be accepted to the program for a variety of reasons.  See the following link for a list of the common criteria affecting admittance to the program.  Non-Admitted Career Prep Applicants


The application is now closed. Please check back in the summer of 2018 for 2018 application updates.


Interested in enrolling in a full-time MBA program starting Fall 2019. MLT’s MBA Prep program is open to candidates who meet all of these requirements:

  • Ethnicity: Identification as African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic and/or Native American
  • Citizenship: US citizen, US permanent resident or DACA participant
  • Academic Achievement: Bachelor’s degree required; those with strong academic standing are encouraged to apply.
  • Work Experience: At least one year of post-undergraduate work experience is required to apply.  If you have less than one year of work experience, please sign up belowto receive early notice about opportunities for next year’s program.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated experience through community involvement, participation with community service organizations, academic organizations or professional/ work associations. 

Application Requirements

We’d like to get to know you better – what motivates you, your skills, accomplishments and your potential to be a senior leader.  Help us get a robust and complete picture of you by submitting the following:

  • Completed Application Form (Applications submitted online only!)
  • GMAT or GRE Test Scores
  • Brief essays
  • Resume
  • Transcript(s)
  • US Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
  • Recommendation(s)
  • Application fee of $105

Test Requirements

To apply to MLT’s MBA Prep, you must submit a GMAT score of 500+ or an equivalent GRE based on the ETS Comparison Tool for Business Schools.  All official test scores must be dated January 15, 2014 or later to be accepted.


Visit the GMAC website to learn more about GMAT practice and official tests.

Visit the ETS website to learn more about GRE practice and official tests.

To participate in MLT’s MBA Prep, you must submit an OFFICIAL GMAT or GRE score by January 15, 2018.  

If an official test score is submitted with the application, admission decisions are made within six to eight weeks of the deadline. If there are additional inputs needed, the decision may take longer.  All applicants should reasonably expect to be notified by February 15, 2018.

Selection Process

We take a holistic approach to reviewing candidates for MLT’s MBA Prep Program. We evaluate your entire application package as a whole, as a business school would do. You may be invited to participate in an online, digital interview after you submit your application.


  • Early Admission Deadline – August 30, 2017
  • 1st Round Deadline – September 30, 2017
  • 2nd Round Deadline – November 15, 2017

If an official test score is submitted with the application, admission decisions are made within six to eight weeks of the deadline. If there are additional inputs needed, the decision may take longer.  All applicants should reasonably expect to be notified by February 15, 2018.


At MLT we’re invested in you. We commit significant time and resources to each MBA Prep Fellow. If accepted into MBA Prep, we expect you to make a similar commitment to MLT and your future.  

  • Application fee: $105
  • Program fee: $1,000. At least $750 must be paid by January, 2018; payment in full is required by March, 2018.
  • Test prep: If accepted into MBA Prep with a GMAT score below 650 or GRE equivalent score, you will be asked to enroll in a prep course or professional tutoring at your own expense.
  • Travel: As a fellow you will pay for your travel to and from three weekend seminars; MLT will cover your lodging and most meals.

For more information, contact


Unsure if MBA Prep is right for you? Check out these testimonials below from some of our former Fellows who had strong GMAT scores when starting the MBA Prep Program.

  • “While I could have applied to business school on my own, I had no thoughts on what I would do once I got the acceptance letter. MBA Prep laid out a foundation for me to think beyond the acceptance letter and consider not only what I wanted to achieve 10 years down the road, but which schools would prove to be the best vehicles. The importance of fit also came up a lot and I didn’t fully appreciate the importance of it until MBA Prep. This was especially the case since I did not have a business background and was coming from an engineering field. Understanding these subtle nuances often gets overlooked and the resulting consequences can lead to a disappointing and unproductive experience at business school. I’m glad I applied to MBA Prep. It’s still my most rewarding experience to date.” – Stephen Hawthorne, MBAP 2016
  • “MBA Prep really helped me crystallize and communicate my story for why I saw the MBA as the next step in my career. I additionally got early exposure to Admissions Officers from the top business schools about 18 months earlier than applications were due, which was really helpful. However, the most valuable part of my MBA Prep experience were the other Fellows. I’ve developed lasting relationships with students at top MBA programs across the country, and I am truly thankful for that network.” – Kike Aluko, MBAP 2015

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