2013 Nfl Week 1 Referee Assignments

Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crew rosters for the 2014 NFL season have been distributed. As we reported previously, 13 new officials have been hired in the offseason.

In addition, with the retirements of Scott Green and Ron Winter, the NFL has promoted side judge Ronald Torbert and field judge Craig Wrolstad to the referee position. Torbert will be the successor to Winter, having two of Winter’s five remaining crew members; Wrolstad is Green’s successor on paper, as all six crew members come from different crews, and none were from Green’s crew. Brad Allen was elevated to referee after the late resignation of Mike Carey, and mostly inherited the crew Carey would have had.

Each crew member is listed with his years of experience, including the upcoming season, and his 2013 crew if he switched crews. (We will update this post with the replay officials and video assistants when we have confirmation.)

*indicates an official who is on the same crew as last season.

R122Brad Allen1NA
U11Fred Bryan6Corrente
HL48Jim Mello11Vinovich
LJ100Tom Symonette11Cheffers
FJ67Doug Rosenbaum14Carey*
SJ97Tom Hill16Winter

Allen’s back judge will either be someone whose crew has a bye or works the Thursday night game.

R66Walt Anderson19
U44Jeff Rice20*
HL22Steve Stelljes13*
LJ18Byron Boston20*
FJ103Eugene Hall1NA
SJ78Greg Meyer13Blakeman
BJ111Terrence Miles7Blakeman
R34Clete Blakeman7
U71Ruben Fowler9Leavy
HL36Tony Veteri23*
LJ107Ron Marinucci18*
FJ118David Meslow4*
SJ15Rick Patterson19Coleman
BJ17Steve Patrick1NA
R23Jerome Boger11
U115Tony Michalek13*
HL24Tom Stabile20Green
LJ123Ed Walker1NA
FJ43Terry Brown9McAulay
SJ56Allen Baynes7*
BJ112Tony Steratore15*
R51Carl Cheffers15
U96Undrey Wash15*
HL79Kent Payne11*
LJ45Jeff Seeman13Steratore
FJ88Brad Freeman1NA
SJ125Laird Hayes20*
BJ30Todd Prukop6*
R65Walt Coleman26
U129Bill Schuster15Steratore
HL91Jerry Bergman13*
LJ90Mike Spanier16Green
FJ80Greg Gautreaux13*
SJ72Michael Banks13Anderson
BJ39Rich Martinez1NA
R99Tony Corrente20
U64Dan Ferrell12Parry
HL54George Hayward24*
LJ130Darryll Lewis16*
FJ60Gary Cavaletto12*
SJ83Shawn Hochuli1NA
BJ119Greg Wilson7*
R85Ed Hochuli25
U49Rich Hall11*
HL13Patrick Turner1NA
LJ35John Hussey13*
FJ29Adrian Hill5Parry
SJ7Keith Washington7*
BJ93Scott Helverson12Anderson
R127Bill Leavy20
HL106Wayne Mackie8Steratore
LJ9Mark Perlman14*
FJ86Jimmy Buchanan6*
SJ1Scott Novak1NA
BJ61Keith Ferguson15*

Mackie was moved from Steratore’s crew in Week 6. Umpire Chad Brown retired, and the umpire position is filled from a crew that is on a bye.

R77Terry McAulay17
U92Bryan Neale1NA
HL98Greg Bradley6*
LJ68Tom Stephan16Boger
FJ109Dyrol Prioleau8Boger
SJ95James Coleman10*
BJ12Greg Steed12Winter
R135Pete Morelli18
U76Darrell Jenkins13*
HL8Dana McKenzie7*
LJ101Carl Johnson11*
FJ82Buddy Horton16Anderson
SJ75Rob Vernatchi11*
BJ104Dale Shaw2*
R132John Parry15
U131Mark Pellis1NA
HL74Derick Bowers12*
LJ10Julian Mapp6Vinovich
FJ89Jon Lucivansky6Morelli
SJ73Joe Larrew13*
BJ46Perry Paganelli17*
R114Gene Steratore12
U102Bruce Stritesky9Green
HL134Ed Camp14Boger
LJ108Gary Arthur18Winter
FJ25Bob Waggoner18*
SJ116Mike Weatherford13*
BJ105Dino Paganelli9*

Wayne Mackie was moved from Steratore’s crew in Week 6. Camp is out until further notice. The head linesman position will be filled with a member of a crew that has a bye week or works the Thursday night game.

R62Ronald Torbert5Corrente
U124Carl Paganelli15Winter*
HL37Jim Howey16Winter*
LJ84Mark Steinkerchner21McAulay
FJ20Barry Anderson8Triplette
SJ3Scott Edwards16Parry
BJ38Greg Yette5Coleman
R42Jeff Triplette19
U40Butch Hannah16*
HL5John McGrath13Leavy
LJ32Jeff Bergman23*
FJ55Alex Kemp1NA
SJ41Boris Cheek19Green
BJ133Steve Freeman14*
R52Bill Vinovich10
U121Paul King6*
HL110Phil McKinnely13Triplette
LJ59Rusty Baynes5Coleman
FJ117John Jenkins1NA
SJ58Jimmy DeBell6*
BJ63Jim Quirk5*
R4Craig Wrolstad12Hochuli
U81Roy Ellison12Coleman
HL28Mark Hittner18Hochuli
LJ47Tim Podraza7Carey
FJ33Steve Zimmer18Vinovich
SJ21Jeff Lamberth13Cheffers
BJ27Lee Dyer12McAulay

Bill Vinovich, seen here flipping the coin to start overtime in last season’s divisional playoff, brings his crew to Houston for Sunday Night Football.

The crews of Carl Cheffers, Terry McAulay, John Parry, and Gene Steratore are off this week.

Thursday, Oct. 31

  • Bengals at Dolphins NFLN — Bill Leavy

Sunday, Nov. 3

  • Chiefs at Bills — Ron Winter
  • Falcons at Panthers — Tony Corrente
  • Vikings at Cowboys — Jeff Triplette
  • Saints at Jets — Clete Blakeman
  • Titans at Rams — Pete Morelli
  • Chargers at Redskins — Jerome Boger
  • Eagles at Raiders — Ed Hochuli
  • Buccaneers at Seahawks — Mike Carey
  • Ravens at Browns — Scott Green
  • Steelers at Patriots — Walt Coleman
  • Colts at Texans NBC — Bill Vinovich

Monday, Nov. 4

  • Bears at Packers ESPN — Walt Anderson

Image: Baltimore Ravens photo. Assignments compiled with the assistance of Football-refs.com


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