Dipper X Mabel Homework

Dipper's POV

I was 15 when Mable and I moved in with gruncle Stan in Gravity Falls. Our parents decided that we should live with our uncle for a few years while they traveled around the world. We transferred to Gravity Falls High School where we both picked up on our educations.

Mable already had Candy and Grenda who attended school with her and as for me I only really had Mable. I mostly kept to myself during school and at home was same old same old. Wacky adventures with Mable about three times a week, from gnome's attacking to some wacky accident.

The last bell of school rang as I went to my locker putting away my books as I put my journal three into my bag. I sighed closing and locking it up, and as I turned around, I was greeted by the unpleasant sight of Pacifica and her two friends. "Hey, nerd I have more homework for you to do for me."

She smirked handing me some papers as I sighed "I already told you last time that I wasn't going to do your homework anymore." She laughed tossing them at me. "And I said that if you didn't, I would ruin both you and Mable's reputation so badly that you won't be able to show your faces again."

I clenched my fists knowing she was right; Pacifica was the most popular girl at school along with her friends not to mention the whole town, and she could quickly spread rumors and her parents made sure whoever crossed her paid. Her friends laughed as they walked off, leaving me to do all their work again as I walked to the exit. Mable was waiting for me with a grin on her, as well as various stickers she had found at school as she walked up to me.

"Hey, Dip! ready to go?" I smiled and nodded as we walked back to the mystery shack. We never really cared to walk since we knew almost everyone in town. Though we made sure never to walk home at night since there were all sorts of weird reports of disappearing teens

We reached the shack I headed upstairs sitting down at my desk opening up my math book as I began to work on all the homework I have. After about three hours I finally finished heading downstairs were Mable was sitting with Waddles watching T.V "Dipper? Finally! Come watch some T.V!"

I sat down as she slid down the couch popping her head into my lap. After moving here, Mable got pretty attached to me to me since mom and dad had left overseas. "Did Stan cook dinner?" Mable shook her head "Nope he left money for you to go get a pizza." I sighed as I got up "Great I don't like leaving at night... I always feel like someone's watching me.." I grabbed the money putting it in my pocket as I threw on my coat. "Mable, will you keep an eye on the place?"

She smiled "I'll keep two!" I smiled walking outside as I made my way to "Pizza Palace" I shivered as I began to get that awful feeling again hearing rustling in the woods as I finally made it to the town sidewalks. I walked down just a few blocks from the Pizza place as I heard something behind me.

I turned to see a man in a long coat quickly pushing me to the wall as he held a knife to me neck "Give me your money!" he demanded as I gulped nervously reaching into my pocket pulling out the money I had for food as he grabbed it "Give me the rest!" I shook my head "That's all I have I swear!" I felt sharp pains in my chest and sides before being thrown to the ground.

I groaned in pain seeing the crimson on my hands as the man began to pull off my bloody coat off of me. I tried my best to stop him, but I could feel myself getting tired and weak. He wrestled off my jacket laughing as my sight began to fade. All I could think about was Mable...how I couldn't leave her...all the time we spent seemed to flash before me.

I heard a scream as I looked up seeing the man being dragged into the nearby ally by his feet. I couldn't make out much more as I heard one last terrified scream from him before rolling myself onto my back. I couldn't move having lost so much blood; I was terrified that I would die here on the sidewalk. I knew better than to leave the house but I did anyway like a fool.

I stared up at the sky seeing the stars as I struggled to breathe and stay awake. I weakly called for help, but I doubted anyone could hear me. I couldn't stop myself from crying as I grew more and more tired. I listened to a laugh as I saw another figure stand above me as I tried to speak. I could make out the figure licking its lips as everything faded to black.

I groaned opening my eyes as my head pounded. I heard a familiar voice as I looked up seeing Wendy "Hey Dipper are you alright?" I staggered to my feet "Y..Yeah...I think.." She smiled softly as I checked myself over finding no wounds and them money was still in my pocket. "Hey, dude you sure your alright?" I nodded "Yeah I guess so, I need to get the pizza."

Wendy patted my back "alright I'll walk with you it's dangerous to be out alone." After getting the food, we both walked back to the shack were Mable was waiting outside. "Dipper!" She ran up to me hugging me tight as I patted her head "I'm fine Mable jeez." I said goodbye to Wendy, and after dinner, Mable headed up to bed as I sat in the living room recalling tonight's events before going upstairs and getting into bed.

Opened my journal hoping to find something to explain what happened, a time loop or something maybe. After no results, I closed it laying back as I stared up at the ceiling. I could see two bats asleep on the roof beam as I thought to myself that Gruncle Stan needs to exterminate them. I closed my eyes but opened them after hearing my name whispered. I looked around but saw nobody as I closed my eye's, this time I could feel a hand travel up my leg as I jumped out of bed turning on the light as I looked around again. I looked under my bed and checked under Mable's before getting back into bed closing my eyes and falling asleep.

The next day things seemed to be back to normal. The school went on, as usual, I handed Pacifica her and her friend's homework as she smirked yanking them from me before laughing as she walked off "Thanks, Nerd!" She smiled as she walked away.

I struggled to stay focused and awake at school and was so relieved when the lunch bell rang. I grabbed my sack lunch walking out to the football field sitting down behind the bleachers where I liked to read and enjoy the quiet time. I began to eat before hearing a voice from behind me "Hey Nerd!" I turned to see Pacifica smirking as she strolled around to under the bleachers.

"Hey.." I muttered softly trying to ignore her as I continued to eat. "Don't you have other people to annoy and bother." She smiled flipping her hair to the side "Well of course, but today you're my victim" She reached into my lunch bag grabbing my candy bar opening it up before eating it.

I sighed putting my sandwich away before picking up my bag and getting up to leave "Hey!" I heard her yell as I sighed "What do you want.." She glared at me angrily putting her hands on her hips "You owe me!" I shrugged her off continuing to walk away "I don't owe you for anything.." I felt a strong force push me to the ground as I looked up to see a grinning Pacifica, her eyes red and fangs coming from her mouth "You owe me...for saving your life.."

Who's Who? (GF Reverse!Pines + Cannon) Part 1

Series will contain some sexual content, gore, and other more mature materials.
"Are you sure you want to do this Eusong?" Bill asks. "I mean, breaking the fourth wall can make for a really crappy fanfiction."
"I don't care. Just do this for me- I need an excuse to have them all in the same universe. Otherwise I'd have an even crappier fanfiction."
"Well, alright then. But how are you supposed to get rid of all that disturbing fanart?"
"Trust me, once my story is finished you'll never have to worry about DipperxCipher again." I lie.
Dipper felt himself lying in a plush, warm bed. The blanket atop his body was one of the softest things he had felt in his life. The boy's eyelids slowly stretched open. The room was unfamiliar. Quickly, he sat up, glancing around. The bedroom was nicely painted. His bed was much bigger than what he was used to. There were no windows, but there was a screen separating him from another bed. Behind it he could see tiny glimpses of flesh



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