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Employment Verification Letter: Are you concerned about the employment letter? letter of employment is essential for a person whether you are an employee or a boss. It has a basic purpose in a business field. It is the evidence that you are working in that company.

Employment verification letter sample purpose is to verify that person boss/employee belongs to that company or works there. What they make in that job & how’s their potential this information are credited there.

when writing a sample employment verification letter.  you should focus on the positive impact on the employee’s updates. Even if you are working in a small business then also you have to attach to this. Learning to write a good business letter is very important in any industry. This creates an impression of an employee & business too.

Good communication gives you different personality. It stands you unique in the crowd. So one must be good in communication or expressing. So this post is very helpful to them who are willing in this field or searching some knowledge or tips about employment verification letter.

Here below are some templates & examples about this. You should focus on them, read them, understand them & practice them to be more accurate about this.

Employment Verification Letter


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Employment Verification Letter is brief & impressive to write. It consists of Date, Applicant’s full name, Applicant’s position, Name of Agency, Phone no., etc. Further details you can get on samples given regarding this.

Employment letter template should be written in as professional way as it can be. You should consider what your employee wants. If you write a shoddy, incomplete letter, makes grammatical & spelling mistakes then it leaves an impact on your business. so you should concern about the letter you are writing.

Employment verification letter is necessary when to take loans, buys property, or some similar purposes as to take income or to know some work details about the job. Verification letter is used to prove who you are & to give your truthful explanation regarding the job or your duty.

you can download the samples of verification letter which are mentioned. These will be very helpful to you in improving your format regarding this letter. or download the pdf for this, which can be very helpful to you. You can watch it on pdf also according to your choice. the length of pdf can be increased & decreased according to your choice.

Normally letter confirming employment is written by the manager in behalfs of the employees. This creates an impression. The letter should be accurate & specific. This is written on behalf of employees so that you can control the message.

Also, you should know the purpose & scope of your letter. You will be able to considered as the professional n your communication skills. They appreciate your promptness & you get offers to write quick formal letters based upon the situation.

The letter of employment which one is writing will be helpful for a person to see or check his/her working hours, salary or other income subsidies.

The templates given are very useful n your work. You can gather knowledge regarding this from these & write it. They are organised in well mannered. you’ll now the sequence & clear your any issue regarding it. The templates you use are easy, ready, clean & accurate. You can enter your database & use them as you need. After that, you have to verify the letter.

If you are in a business, then these are the best way to hire new employee or worker. This helps you to know about them even more about their details. As it is said that it is better to be safe than sorry here is the same situation. Hiring new one is an important & smart step.

If you are asking for a letter then you should ask it in a professional way. You can also ask it from manager or employee. Employment verifcation letter is very important & precise. Many tips should be included in it. Some of the basic tips to remmeber or to include in the letter are: –

Follow business letter format: – letter you are writing should be written in the proper format of business formal letters. Keep it concise, precise & accurate, Include all important & requested information, Provide your contact information, Read it & take it to the professional level.

Keep it concise: – letter should be concise, precise & accurate. It should be brief & up to point & not so long.

Include all important & requested information: – letter should contain all important & necessary information regarding you & your job, company & according to the requirement of letter., Provide your contact information, Read it & take it to the professional level.

Provide your contact information: – providing your contacts, emails, etc is basic & that one can contact yo urgently in any case. Read it & take it to the professional level.

Read it & take it to the professional level: – your letter should be accurate & precise. Read it again & again & correct it. so that there will be no mistake. Your letter should be in a professional way & impressive as you are a businessman & know to deal with it.

Employment verification letter sample are given in some templates you can check them & can write from them & they will be very helpful to you. But some important things you should notice while writing a letter. you should not forget to mention Your name, Your company name, Your title, Address, date etc. You should also remember to mention Contact name, Contact title, Company name etc. This is according to the format of letter & one should not forget to address according to it. For more details & examples you should take help from templates.

Hope this post has helped you in your search. Keep liking & sharing if you liked it!


How to Write an Employment Verification Letter (with Samples)
Use these sample employment verification letters as templates for your formal notification.

There are many reasons why an employment verification letter might be needed. Because of laws and statues protecting ones privacy, a written letter is often the best way to get the information one needs about another individual. Many times an employer will use this type of letter to get information about a prospective new employee.

On the other hand, a bank or landlord may also use this type of letter to verify employment before extending a line of credit or a lease on a home. There are many new policies in place that make companies take a stand against writing recommendations for employees. Rather, when a company or individual requests verification in writing, this is seen as a safe alternative for all parties involved. 

To write an employment verification letter is not difficult, in fact it is one of the simpler letters to write. Like most letters, it needs to be started with the date, and address it to the contact person, or the department who can authorize the release of information.

​Make sure to get a contact name before writing this type of letter. Always make sure to verify the address and that it is going to the right department. Some companies have numerous departments and sending it to the wrong place can delay a response. Using a standard letter format is acceptable in this type of correspondence. 

​Because employers often gets hundreds of letter for sales and other correspondence, make sure to put a subject line that clearly states what is needed. In the subject line, put something like “Employment Verification for Jonathan Good.” Most companies are going to want some basic information before they hand out their data.
​If Jonathan is applying for an employment opportunity with another company, be sure to state so. Also, if Jonathan just wants to get a bank loan, state that too. Some employers may be very vague about the information they will ask for. In fact, some fear a lawsuit so they will limit what they will disclose.​​

Technically, it is completely legal to ask questions like:

1. Did the employee have good attendance?
2. Did the employee get along well with others?
3. Did they perform their duties as required?
4. Are they eligible for rehiring?

​It never hurts to ask questions, but that doesn’t mean that they will be answered, as each company has their own protocol. You can also request copies of reviews to help make a decision if this letter is regarding potential employment. Depending on what the letter is needed for will depend on the direction the letter will need to be written. If it is written just for verification to obtain a loan, then the amount of the salary and the dates of employment should be all that is needed. If it is for potential employment, then it pays to ask more questions. Make sure to also included contact information so that the company may respond.

Here are sample employment verification letters.

​Sample 1 - Employment Verification Letter
Dove Chemicals
Jennifer Thomas
9876 Stone Ridge Blvd.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068


XYZ Corporation
1290 Town Street
Columbus, Ohio 43213
Attention: Ralph Zimmerman 

Dear Ralph,

Recently, Jonathan Good applied for a position we have as a Warehouse Supervisor. On his application, he stated that he had worked for your company for more than 10 years as a Maintenance Supervisor. We are interested in pursuing an employment opportunity with him and want to verify his employment and to make sure he will be an asset to our corporation. Can you please answer the following questions?

1. Did he arrive to work on time?
2. Was he a good supervisor and eager to help others?
3. Was he ever reprimanded?
4. Was his dates of employment from 6/8/2004 till 5/27/2016?
5. How was his attendance record?
6. Upon his departure, was his salary $26.82 an hour?
7. Is he considered eligible for rehire? 

If you would be so kind as to respond to this employment verification letter with the above requested matter it would be appreciated. Your information will help us to make an informed decision regarding the employment of Jonathan. 

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me between 9 am. and 5 pm. at 614-980-0987. My fax number is 614-980-8765 and my physical address is listed above. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Jennifer Thomas
HR Specialist

Sample 2 - Employment Verification Letter
ABC Employment Specialists
12990 Red Wolf Lane
Columbus, Ohio 43223


Global Industries
6800 Laughing Town Lane
Chattanooga, TN 68903
Attn: Thomas White

Dear Mr. White,

We received your request for income and employment verification for Jessica England.  Jessica has been employed with Global Industries for six years. Her official date of hire is DATE. Her official title her at our company is a shift supervisor for the packing division. 

Though Jessica is a supervisor, she receives an hourly salary. Currently, her hourly salary rate is $18.90 an hour.  She is eligible for overtime and as you can see from attached report, she gets quite a bit. She averages about 15-20 hours of overtime each week.  Jessica is good employees whose work status is in good standing. There are no threats of lay-offs to this position and we intend that we will have her around for quite some time. 

If you have any further questions, or we can be of assistance in any way, please be sure to call me back at 555-908-1290. My office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 am till 4:00 pm. 


Lynn Remington
HR Manager

By Andre Bradley

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