Tanabata Wife Literary Criticism Essay


vegetables, such as tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers from Japan. Most immigrants were men,and many of them intermarried into Filipina women, and assimilated into the Philippinesocieties. As a result, before the World War II, there were already large numbers of Japaneseimmigrants in the Philippines, and they increased until 1941, when they numbered about 30, 000.In Manila, and in other towns and villages, they owned small businesses, such as halo-haloparlor, sari-sari stores, shoe repair shops, barber shops, etc.; they also worked as gardeners ortravelling salesmen. Large numbers of Japanese immigrants worked as planters for abacaplantations in Davao, Mindanao.In relation to this, I am going to do cloze reading, biographical or historical reading,psychological reading, post structural reading and a little bit of archetypal reading to the most

famous work of Sinai Hamada which is entitled “Tanabata’s Wife”.

When I first read this story,some things bothered me. I would like to know why the Japanese husband was portrayed thatway. I want to know why they were not married by any kind of ceremony. I want to know whyTanabata hated the man who seduced his wife but not his wife. I want to know why the Bontocswere called Busol when in fact, busol or busor means there is a tribal war.


Sinai (Yoshinai) C. Hamada is a Baguio-born Japanese-Filipino mestizo who writespoetry, essays, feature articles and short stories but is most notable as a short story writer. He isthe founding editor of the oldest running local newspaper in theCordillera AdministrativeRegion(CAR), theBaguio Midland Courier.He is the author of "Tanabata's Wife," described byNational Artist for Literature Francisco Arcellana, as the finest Filipino love story ever written.And he is the first lawyer in Baguio City.

The Wife of Bath: A Literary Analysis Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is an important part of his most famed work, The Canterbury Tales. One of the most respected highly analyzed of all of the tales, this particular one is important both for its character development and its prevailing themes. It seamlessly integrates ideas on society at that time with strong literary development. This work stands the test of time both because of its literary qualities and because of what it can teach us about the role of women in late Medieval society. In terms of literary quality, Chaucer went great lengths to give all elements a bit of attention. The work is primarily about a knight who is pardoned from a rape on the condition that he acquires the answer to one of life’s…show more content…

The language used in the work is quite formal, but that is to be expected given the time frame it was written. His form in this story might be construed as a form of poetry, and Chaucer made things work by using artful language. In describing marriage, he used especially floral writing. Chaucer wrote, “Lo, there's the wise old king Dan Solomon;
I understand he had more wives than one; And now would God it were permitted me
To be refreshed one half as oft as he! Which gift of God he had for all his wives!” (Chaucer). Additionally, Chaucer was very well known for his use of alliteration. He routinely used similar sounds to get the most out of the action and this makes his work much more readable. He wrote, “To read, within this book, of wicked wives.
He knew of them more legends and more lives” (Chaucer). This use liberal use of consonants was a major part of the work and was innovative in its historical context. One looking at the theme, one could easily say that it is all about the power of women. Chaucer used the strong female character to get this across, and many believe that it likely would not have worked if the author had not first established such a strong voice. Early scholars argued that the book was more about marriage than it was female strength (Kittredge, 1912). Whatever the case, it is clear that Chaucer’s primary focus was on explaining the role women might play in society if they were able to. This particular work of

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